Celebrating 10 Years!
Blue Monarch Kids Reunion
We invited Blue Monarch's first group of children residents from 2003 to share their stories about Blue Monarch and update us about their lives.
Since 2003
Blue Monarch has provided an opportunity to mothers searching for the means to rebuild their lives, most of whom have been consumed by drug addiction, poverty and imprisonment. Over the years, we have seen lives restored, families renewed and children transformed.

In addition to having served close to 500 women and children from 32 counties across Tennessee, we have steadily gained supporters from across the entire country and continue to receive inquiries for help from struggling mothers everywhere.

Our mission is to restore hope not only in the spirits of the residents of Blue Monarch, but also in the community at large. We want to restore hope that something can be done to stop the cycle of recidivism; that something can be done to alter the course of a family's future, and that something can be done to intervene in the lives of children in desperate and terrifying circumstances.

Something can be done. And Blue Monarch is doing it.
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The Next Big Step
Every day, we receive calls from mothers across the country seeking an opportunity to come to Blue Monarch. The simple truth is that we don't have the space to house them. We must pave the way for our own growth. These three goals will further secure our future success:
  • To retire the mortgage debt on our home, freeing up valuable capital in our operating budget
  • To make more in-home services available to our families, eliminating the need to send residents off-site to receive certain services
  • To expand our physical footprint, allowing us to house more families

We Did It
We did it! Thanks to you, we have been able to accomplish these first two goals! We are so excited at exploring new ways to expand our physical footprint.

We believe our contribution to the community will give rise to a change in our society at large--one that will lead future generations away from drug abuse, change the way we as a people deal with drug addiction and lead us to a cultural tipping point.

We're on our way, and we have every intention of doing whatever it takes to improve our ability to provide restoration and rehabilitation to familes in desperate circumstances.
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10th Anniversary Booklet
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